Ever-decreasing advertising CPM values and the fickle Internet consumer are significant challenges for web-based businesses. Whether to develop additional revenue streams, increase customer loyalty, or simply gain a competitive advantage, adding MileageManager to your list of services can ensure your place in the increasingly competitive Internet market.

MileageManager allows your customers to consolidate and manage their frequent flyer accounts on one Web site. By giving your customers one-click access to all of their frequent flyer accounts, you can:

  • Gain a competitive edge on your competition
  • Enhance existing customer relationships
  • Increase the frequency and length of customer visits, and
  • Attract new customers

Our affiliate program allows you to begin offering MileageManager to your customers quickly and with minimal impact on business resources. For those wishing a more integrated approach, MileageManager can be seamlessly integrated with an existing Web presence, giving you absolute control over the user experience. And, because MileageManager has developed a secure, scalable infrastructure, built from the ground up, MileageManager Co-Brands can be fully implemented very quickly.

And, your customer can access all of this information from virtually anywhere in the world. No messy software installations or operating system conflicts. Whether at home, work, or on the go, MileageManager is always at your fingertips. I invite you to try this service and see if we can't help you even more than we already do. Learn how a partnership with MileageManager can increase the number, frequency, and duration of customer visits to your site. Contact us today for a review of our Co-Branding opportunities.