How it Works

Your Personal Travel Assistant

MileageManager is like a personal assistant who takes care of all of your frequent travel account management.

You just give it all of your frequent flyer information - account numbers, PINs, passwords, etc. - and MileageManager gathers everything together and puts it into a nice, easy-to-read format for you.

In addition to being a great organizer, MileageManager is also a stickler for security. In fact, we have been managing frequent flyers' account for more than 20 years now without a single problem.

Stay on Top of Your Miles

And like any really good assistant, MileageManager has a little "Mom" to it.

  • Got some miles that are in danger of expiring and becoming lost forever? Not to worry, MileageManager will let you know ahead of time.*

  • Afraid you're going to miss out on the next big bonus earning opportunity. View the daily deals to see what you might be missing.

You can also search on MileageManager for where you would like to go using your miles with the world's first search engine for award travel. We help you find the best airlines tickets and hotel rooms using cash or miles.

On top of all that, MileageManager also:

  • Keeps track of your elite status in each of your programs, shows you what you're entitled to as an elite member, and lets you know how many miles/points you need to earn to make it to the next level up.
  • Helps you reconcile your frequent flyer accounts, making missing credit a thing of the past.

Relax and Enjoy the Journey

And finally, MileageManager partners with TripIt, so once you've booked your awards and made your travel plans, you can have your entire itinerary created for you.

Isn't technology amazing?

The only thing MileageManager won't do for you is grab you a cup of coffee to enjoy while you're dreaming about where to go with all of those miles. But for less than $1.25 per month we had to draw the line somewhere.

* Expiration policies are maintained for every supported program. Expiring miles alert notifications are limited to select programs.