About MileageManager

MileageManager was created, and is owned and operated, by Frequent Flyer Services.

Founded in 1986, Frequent Flyer Services has been providing services to frequent travelers since just after frequent flyer programs were conceived. MileageManager is one of many Web sites we have created for travelers. Among the others are included,,, and probably the one we're most famous for -

We also publish InsideFlyer magazine (online as well at, where else,, which is generally considered the world's leading publication for members of frequent travel programs.

But back to MileageManager.

We have actually been managing members' miles since 1987 - long before everyone had access to the Internet. In those days, we called ourselves the Frequent Flyer Club and provided a consolidated statement by manually keypunching all the data from normal statement mailings.

No, seriously, this is how we did it.

In the early 1990s, American Express asked us to launch the same service for its new Rewards Gold credit card. Later still, we established a program for Hilton HHonors, called RewardsPlanner.

Finally, and none too soon, the frequent flyer programs began to go online, and we were right there with them. MileageManager was officially launched as an online service in 2000.

Today we are proud to count thousands of frequent flyers as members, and even prouder still that many have been with us from the very beginning.

For more information, please contact us at:

Frequent Flyer Services
1930 Frequent Flyer Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

phone: (719) 597-8889
fax: (719) 597-6855